Our company is the best distributor of medical equipment and technology. Professional staff will advise you on all matters concerning medical equipment.




Timely diagnosis of medical equipment helps to avoid unnecessary waste and to plan the budget of the medical institution so that it will bring maximum benefit to patients and employees. This procedure will save money and help avoid problems with equipment, the use of which in an inadequate condition can lead to death of the patient.

In addition, the diagnosis of medical equipment is an extremely delicate matter, requiring the appropriate education of a master and an enterprise certification.




Engineering in the field of medicine combines design and skills in solving engineering problems.

 Any equipment and technology needs service support, except for machinery and equipment for medicine. As you know, medical equipment and medical equipment are quite expensive items, and therefore, in case of their breakdown, you can hardly expect to purchase an equivalent replacement. A more rational option is maintenance and repair.

Technical maintenance and repair of medical equipment, regardless of its complexity, if properly carried out, will restore all the necessary properties of the equipment and ensure its continued operation in the future.

 In case you need services of medical equipment service, trust us - our professionals who take care of thousands of repaired equipment will take care of this.




A large number of mechanical components are used in medical equipment. As a rule, these knots are prone to breakage due to frequent mechanical impact. We have all the tools that are needed to repair mechanical blocks or elements. Our service will provide you with quality repair and maintenance of operating tables, C-arcs and other devices.



Hydraulics and pneumatics

 Hydraulic and pneumatic mechanisms are designed to convert the energy of a fluid or gas into a mechanical one or to transform various types of movements. All mechanisms of this type can be divided into pumps, motors and drives. Hydraulics and pneumatics are becoming increasingly common in various drives and mechanisms. As a rule, these mechanisms are most often used in lifting and transport nodes. 

Hydraulic and pneumatic units in medicine are used in operating tables, gynecological chairs, etc.

We have the best specialists who will provide you with the best quality of maintenance and repair of medical equipment with hydraulic and pneumatic mechanisms.



Installation and calibration

Our service center offers a range of services to ensure the qualified configuration of medical equipment of any direction (from ECG to MRI).

A professional approach to the correct installation and testing for the operation of any medical equipment in a clinic or diagnostic center is the main factor that helps minimize or eliminate errors in the course of work.

The scope of our Center includes the following services:

  • installation of honey equipment after its unpacking;
  • installation of all components of any kind of medical equipment;
  • direct tuning of equipment;
  • adaptation of all types of reagents to the appropriate analyzer;
  • training of personnel on the rules of operation of all types of equipment;
  • subsequent warranty service and advice, etc.





Cosmetic repair is the restoration of the external qualities of the device. After this procedure, the device can not be distinguished from the new one. We have modern equipment and our own paint technology, which allows us to protect and significantly extend the life of all kinds of structures and surfaces. The composition of the paint eliminates allergens, which can cause allergic reactions in contact with the patient.