The warranty period for all work carried out in our service center is 6 months. Warranty for components used in the repair, provided in accordance with the warranty policy of their manufacturers, but, as a rule, at least 1 year.

Practically for all services we have a guarantee.

Exceptions are the same as in the manufacturer's warranty

  • - The device was filled with liquid

This item deals with flooding with liquid before and after the delivery of equipment after repair. Our engineers have many years of experience with flooded vehicles, and can easily distinguish and show you the consequences of a recent liquid spillage or the remnants of a cleaned cleaning.

  • - Explicit mechanical damages, which were not described in the certificate when taking the technique for repair

When taking the technique for repair, we carefully describe the appearance of the device in the act of transfer and acceptance, which you sign.

  • - Damage or lack of warranty seals with the detection of the consequences of unskilled or self-repair

If our seal is stuck or damaged - it does not matter, we will not refuse you a guarantee. It's another matter if our specialists, in addition to the damaged seal, notice an unqualified interference, because of which the device could fail.

  • - Change or delete the serial number or data about the model of the device (details), which will help to determine the device (part) that were in our repair

In addition to the appearance, in the act of acceptance and transfer, we record the serial number of the device, and when installing new parts we have in our database information with serial numbers of the installed parts. In the event that the serial number is overwritten, or damaged, unfortunately, we can not determine whether this device was in our service center.